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  • The UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitter network has been undergoing extensive engineering work. The work being carried out on the network will ensure that more viewers will be able to receive the DTT services and existing viewers will obtain more reliable reception that previously experienced. 
  • The ITC, NTL Broadcast, BBC and Crown Castle have been working together on a plan to enhance existing transmissions, and this was published by the ITC in April 2002 as part of the DTT Licence Application.
  • Details of much of this work appear on this wesbite.
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Latest News... 

  • Rowridge MUX2 (30-Jan-04) - Following the announcement (see below) of a UHF channel change, Mux 2 from the Rowridge Transmitting Station will commence a period of simulcast from early April 2004. During this period the Multiplex 2 service will be broadcast on both UHF channels 52 and 28,  and subject to satisfactory coverage surveys, UHF channel 52 is planned to be switched off after about 4 weeks. Viewers will need to carry out a "Re Scan" on their digital receivers to be able to receive the multiplex on the new channel 28 frequency. Viewers are advised that this is best carried out  after UHF channel  52 is turned off, as some types of receivers may be unable to receive 2 identical copies of the multiplex during the simulcast period.
  • MUX 1 and MUX B (18-Feb-04)  - The BBC has confirmed that some of its transmitters are being included as part of the +3dB power increase programme.
  • Further MUX 2 and MUX A Transmitter Power Increases (30-Jan-04)
    Digital 3 & 4 Ltd and SDN Ltd have re-commenced their rollout of  +3dB power increases, following the Christmas and New Year break. The  DTT Transmitter Alteration page has been updated to show the changes.
    The BBC, despite initially indicating they too were going to implement the same +3dB increases, are unable to confirm when this work will be carried out. Crown Castle currently have no plans to implement any power increases.
  • Rowridge MUX2 (30-Jan-04) - Digital 3 & 4 Ltd have confirmed that MUX2 will changed from UHF Ch 52 to Ch28 during the course of the Spring. This will bring the channel into the same group as the other DTT and analogue services, and should improve reception to viewers who have not replaced their aerials with a wideband (groupW) type. A period of simulcasting, where MUX2 is broadcast on both Ch52 and Ch28, will occur and the dates will be published on this website.
  • "Top Up TV" (30-Jan-04) - In addition to the Free To Air services already broadcast as part of the Freeview service, a small number of pay tv channels will soon be available to viewers with suitable equipped receivers. These services will be broadcast on multiplexes that are not part of the Freeview consortium.
  • MUX 2 and MUX A Transmitter Power Increases (01-Oct-03) 
    Digital 3 & 4 Ltd and SDN Ltd have confirmed that they are soon to implement another phase of +3dB power increases.  The BBC and Crown Castle have yet to confirm their plans, although it is most likely they will replicate the increases on their multiplexes.
  • SDN Transmitter Power Increases - A rollout of +3dB power increases has begun. (Apr 2003)
  • This Website (10-Feb-03) -  The UK-DTT-TX website aims to bring you the latest technical information about DTT (Freeview) Transmitting Stations and other related technical matters. We will no longer be carrying news of new services/channels to be launched, unless there is a good technical reason. The Broadcasters themselves will issue statements regarding launch of new services.
  • Transmitter Power Increases (10-Feb-03)  - Further stations have been identified by the broadcasters for power increases. This is now a definite list of stations, and the changes should start taking place towards Easter. See the DTT Transmitter Alteration page.
  •  ITV News Channel  (updated 30-Jan-03)Viewers should note that the service is has now ceased being simulcast on both Multiplex A and Multiplex 2. The service on Multiplex A ceased transmission at 23:59 on 17th January. Viewers should carry out a 'RESCAN' of channels to enable the new service carried on Multiplex 2 to be corrected positioned in LCN position 41. The service on Multiplex A has be replaced with a caption advising viewers of the situation. Viewers should also note that the service will NOT be available between 06:00 and 09:25 each day, as the Channel 3 Contractor for that period is GMTV and NOT ITV. 
  • ITC Confirms it will not force 16QAM - The ITC announced on the 20-Dec-02 that it will not force multiplex operators to adopt the 16QAM modulation method. The ITC Press Release can be read here.
    UK-DTT-TX welcomes this news, and agrees that the multiplexes that suffered from the worst coverage were C and D and that the adoption of 16QAM and 3dB power increases has improved coverage of these multiplexes. UK-DTT-TX also welcomes the ITC's decision to force SDN Ltd (MUX A) to carry out 3dB power increases at all transmitting stations where the other multiplex operators have already implemented the increase. UK-DTT-TX calls on all multiplex operators to commence an aggressive rollout of  further power increases throughout 2003 and introduce new transmitting stations to improve coverage to major towns which are still not covered by DTT. 
  • "Now & Next" information - From the 4th  December a new system was brought into service to ensure that Now & Next information is available on all services and that "cross-carriage" of the information between multiplexes is also implemented.


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